Dan Lüdtke

Co-Founder of LK-Networks

“Building Jet Engines – why the automotive industry should learn from software companies”

  • Software is were the most significant innovation will take place
  • Challenges include: OTA, trust chains, security culture
  • Outlook: Machine & Deep Learning, Networks

Have you heard about the Republic Rainbow? The best piston-engined aircraft that ever existed? It was an engineering masterpiece! Something from our wildest dreams as engineers. Technology brought close to perfection. Just like todays cars. The Rainbow never went into production. It came too late and was too perfect. A new technology promised more room for innovation: Jet engines. What is the car’s jet engine? I think it is software. But software and car makers, well, let’s say “it’s complicated”. Learn about the tricky business of “jet engine” building…

About Dan
Dan loves network engineering, technology and space travel. People think he is a hacker and call him in case of emergencies and forensics regularly. More than once he has been witnessed at digging deep into network protocols and software engineering, hacking into systems and worrying about the state of information security. Dan served his country, wrote a book, founded companies, organised hacker events, crashed drones and cars for fun and profit and got a bad cold working in a data center.