Alissia Iljaitsch,

Alissia Iljaitsch

Innovation Strategist

Why thinking like a software company is not enough: Bridging the gap between traditional manufacturing and connected car labs

  • Cultivating creativity and risk taking in a zero risk tolerance culture
  •  Attracting and leading new talent in traditional environments
  •  Addressing and overcoming the limitations of Scrum and Human Centered Design


Alissia Iljaitsch – her business class at Automotive Allstars:

As markets and revenues for connected car features grow, traditional car manufacturers are forced to transition into working and thinking like software companies. Agile software development methodologies like Scrum and Human Centered Design are advertised as the solution to traditional car manufacturing processes.
But if we already have the ingredients for success, why do automotives still struggle to innovate?

From her research journey to global innovation centers spanning the US, Europe, and Tel Aviv – Alissia Iljaitsch will highlight the human factor in innovation that goes beyond established process models. She will demonstrate and visualize how organizations can build holistic innovation center strategies and roadmaps focused on collaboration, creativity and continuous education.

About Alissia Iljaitsch

Alissia Iljaitsch is an Innovation Strategist specializing in innovation center development and future business model generation for disruptive technologies.
Driving innovation pipelines through interactive workshops and instructional methodologies that blend design thinking, emotional intelligence, and mindful leadership. Focused on Connected Car, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Human Machine Interaction.
Alissia applies over a decade of combined experience at automotive companies like Volkswagen and BMW and as the Executive Director EMEA and Digital Innovation Strategist at Vectorform’s European office, a global innovation company serving the Fortune 500 for over 16 years. Alissia boasts operational knowledge across the automotive, utility, broadcast, retail, healthcare, media, sports, and manufacturing industries.